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Rage (Sketch This Challenge) by AriMe19 Rage (Sketch This Challenge) :iconarime19:AriMe19 2 0 BFOIY3 - Little Cup: Aline vs. Prof. Ty by AriMe19 BFOIY3 - Little Cup: Aline vs. Prof. Ty :iconarime19:AriMe19 5 2 Pokemon Sun team by AriMe19 Pokemon Sun team :iconarime19:AriMe19 2 0 BFOI Y3: Subject 1 Study 2 by AriMe19 BFOI Y3: Subject 1 Study 2 :iconarime19:AriMe19 4 2 BFOI Y3: Aline by AriMe19 BFOI Y3: Aline :iconarime19:AriMe19 5 6 Flamethrower! by AriMe19 Flamethrower! :iconarime19:AriMe19 10 0 Breath of the Wild by AriMe19 Breath of the Wild :iconarime19:AriMe19 21 2 Flying wolf by AriMe19 Flying wolf :iconarime19:AriMe19 4 0 Run little wolf by AriMe19 Run little wolf :iconarime19:AriMe19 2 0 Dragon by AriMe19 Dragon :iconarime19:AriMe19 3 0 Before and After: Dragon by AriMe19 Before and After: Dragon :iconarime19:AriMe19 2 0 Dark Beast: Crepusculum Link by AriMe19 Dark Beast: Crepusculum Link :iconarime19:AriMe19 11 6 Pines by AriMe19 Pines :iconarime19:AriMe19 11 0 BtGS: Aila by AriMe19 BtGS: Aila :iconarime19:AriMe19 7 7 Sigue.. (go on) remake by AriMe19 Sigue.. (go on) remake :iconarime19:AriMe19 3 3 Legend by AriMe19 Legend :iconarime19:AriMe19 7 0


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BFOIY3 - Little Cup: Aline vs. Prof. Ty
Aline and Aidan vs. Prof Tyrone and Patches!
Since both pokemon are of the same type, Aline and Aidan choose to use long-range attacks (because short-range attacks don't really do much damage Sweating a little... ).

Prof. Tyrone and Patches
Aline and Aidan
BFOI Y3: Subject 1 Study 2
Study 2: Classrooms
So, as you can see, Aline fell asleep during class...while writing something...
Aline, that's what happens when you spend the whole night watching videos of competitions Facepalm ...don't do that again

DemonSea's Baashi 
solgaIeos's Christopherson 
Snailcomicz's Nobue
princeharlington's Amelia
AriMe19's Aline
BFOI Y3: Aline

Name: Aline
Cis Female
Age: 18

Born in Aspertia City, Unova, she was given a pokemon starter at the age of 10, but didn't go on a pokemon trainer journey.
Because she loves cycling, a few years after recieving her starter, she travelled across the region searching for bike races, battling only when she needed to, which didn't happen often.
One day, while in a race, she went through the territory of a wild pokemon, and it attacked her. It was too strong, and neither her or her pokemon were prepared, so they fled. None of them liked running away like that, but they agreed that if they were to battle the wild pokemon, they could've been badly hurt.
She knew all of them needed to be prepared in case something like that or worse happened again, so she started looking for places to get adequate training and learning for both her and her pokemon. That's how she came across Ohana's FiNex Trainer Institution.

Aline is adventurous and can get very competitive and stubborn, and that, coupled with how often she tends to act without thinking, has gotten her in a lot of trouble. Aside from this, she's loyal and very protective of her friends (both pokemon and humans) and she will fight for them till the end.
She has nothing against battling (she enjoys it) when it's a friendly battle and pokemon or people can't get severely injured.

Some facts:
- Her passion is cycling
- Prefers staying in the ground rather than flying or swimming
- Loves speed
- Favourite color is blue
- Quite disorganized
- Attended Aspertia Trainer's School when she was a kid
- Never tried to compete for gym badges

Aidan - Snivy - Male

Aline's starter. The calmer of the team, he's usually the one that has to keep his trainer and his teammate out of trouble.

Akor - Riolu - Male

Caught in Floccesy Ranch. He and Aline have some personality traits in common, the most noticeable of them being their stubbornness, and they are usually partners in least until Aidan has to step in so they don't do anything stupid.
So... me and a friend decided to make me a Tumblr account, so if you're interested you can check it out here
I'm just beginning with this account so you'll see mostly reblogs of tutorials, videos or animal images, but I might be more active yeah, you can visit that if you want :)


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... Me gusta dibujar lobos, hacer cosas con plastilina :D (quedan feas, pero es algo, no?), tengo dos perritos, me encantan los videojuegos, me gusta mucho leer, etc. jeje


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